Yoga :-According to me I am tring to make yoga easy to everone to practise daily to stay fit and fine.

Reaserch going on for bed return exercise or wheel chair patients and old patients . I take yoga chapters according to the patient s age and deseases only not every thing is possible for any one , only limited portion is give to them.

Power yoga:- it is the latest ,Faster with weights is the secreat of doing power yoga to be in the race today . even here I take only limited chapters to make it short and sweet class. Best of or weight loss class.

Tantra yoga:- I have done the best reserch and development In the tantra.Tantra by me is the actual techinque , It improves flexibility, sexual power, and keep you looking younger,It took two year for my research , I make every of my student in fittness to practise it as warm up execersie too.

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