I began the work out, by warm-up exercises, Tantra yoga, and then power yoga continuing free hand workout then weights. That’s my style and at last shavasan compulsory.

According to me, my program changes for both genders as both have different workout schedule body types and body strength.

The workout that is useful all four phases are as follows :-
1. Start with Stability and Mobility exercises: bird-dog, front plank, side plank and glute bridge for a basic warm-up.

2. Progress to Movement exercises: bodyweight squat, anterior lunge with arm drivers, push-up, side lunge and wood chop for a dynamic warm-up. Two sets of ten to twelve reps of each of these exercises should provide a more than adequate warm-up and take approximately twenty to twenty-five minutes.

3. High-intensity strength and power exercise: power cleans, dead lifts, bent-over rows, incline chest presses, barbell lunges and shoulder presses. That leaves about twenty-five minutes of the training session.

4. Take the time for a proper cool-down Shavasan is the best means.

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