I got to know that I can speak to people which are not from our world or to see by mu Aura power, I started helping them to get out of our world and to help our people too . I know I am not the only one who can help both the people . but if it is given an gift by God to help other as even my nature then I am always ready to help . And God only help them who are ready to help them selfs. Taking to past people if there soul is traveling In our world or want to compelete some work pending so that they can get out from our world is an big responsibiity which comes along with big powers.

Peolple come to show me sings and symbols of parnormal acts regularly but guide them and give them hopes and power is and great thing in life which I am doing it last two and an half years sincerely.

Beaware of fake persons and money cheater In this field as lots of baba are crolling around every were to make money.

Howerver all appointment are taken online or given moblle number.

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