I normally practice Massage individually to relax the patient mentally physically. Regular weekly massage not only improve immunity power but brain thinking power to it generates or even to re-energies body too.

The different various massages given by me are as below

Reiki Body Massage
You can lovingly give your partner a Reiki back rub.

Sensual Massage
"Imagination plays an important role in sensual massage and it is for you and your partner to keep on experimenting to make it more relaxing and exciting.

Touch, Sexuality and Intimacy
Massage therapists are aware of the extraordinarily close connection between their chosen profession of touch and the confusion between touch, intimacy and sexuality.

Massage Therapy and Sex
A sensitive issue made clear . . . therapeutic massage does not involve any kind of sexual contact.

Non-Sexual Therapeutic Professional Massage
A distrust of massage comes from our culture's preoccupation with sex and discomfort with nudity.

Sports Massage
Injuries in sports and often in everyday life are common. Many individuals may prefer to turn a blind eye to recurrent pain or long-standing problems, hoping that the pain may go away, or continue medication, which may not always be the best alternative or offer long-term improvement. Injury and pain may be caused either extrinsically by direct contact from another player or object or intrinsically by a weakness or dysfunction in the body's ability to deal with the forces placed upon it by an activity. Both may result in trauma to the soft tissue of the body, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves.

The initial consultation usually lasts 30mins and will involve a detailed verbal examination of your past medical history, current complaint and physical movement trends, followed by a comprehensive physical examination. Finally a treatment plan will be discussed including recommendations for preventative change if needed.

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