Everybody has the ability to see the etheric energy field that surrounds matter. We are born with this natural gift. Unfortunately, we have been brought up, to focus only on the so called “real” material objects; where the visions of etheric light and color, around people and in nature generally are dismissed as flukes or optical illusions.

Through peripheral vision, our eyes are capable of seeing the subtle light and color emanations of etheric fields. People can train themselves to regain this ability. The human aura or etheric energy field contains numerous energy centers, also known as chakras. Etheric energy is spiraling into these chakras in a vortex fashion, thereby sustaining the aura. Further to this, since etheric energy is essentially a broad spectrum of frequencies, these frequencies, once accumulated, can be transferred onto other objects by way of resonance.

Thus the human aura is a symphonic spectrum composed of many individual frequencies. This explains the association of certain colors with certain parts of the human body. As a whole being, the human body resonates to a broad spectrum of etheric frequencies. If the human being is healthy, these frequencies are in perfect harmony with one another.
Adhyatmik Gyan also teaches and uses Reiki techniques in healing and distance attunements.


Holistic Healing Different Name found by me are some below
• Reiki Healing Techniques
• Chea Healing
• Vibro Healing
• Hypno Healing
• Pranic Healing
• Holistic Healing
• A Spiritual Healing
• Healing Prayer
• Healing Chakras


Sushil Shishupal gives this brief descriptive of the common chant, OMM. he says OMM is the affirmation of the Divine Presence in the universe.
• Power Songs
• How Mantras Work
• Sacred Chants from the Heart


What Do You Call Your Power Connection?

Without wanting to get into a debate over belief systems (arguing about what is the right or wrong name for it is pointless), I'm curious as to what readers commonly label this connection. I generally call it "the universe" - but that's me. How about you? Please answer the poll, and feel free to post a comment if you wish to share your thoughts about this subject. How connected do you feel?

• Prayers
• Meditation
• Spirituality

It ia spritullly healing some found in Vedas and some may be found in books of Rishi Charakas

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